Managing your membership

‘Surfguard’ is Surf Lifesaving Australia’s national membership database. It is a system designed to support Australian surf clubs by providing a central and secure way for us to manage memberships, collect annual membership fees and link into many other services provided for clubs like ours by Surf Lifesaving Australia.

Through Surfguard, you can manage and update the membership details for your family online and can securely make credit card (visa and mastercard) payments to the club for your annual membership fees and other events. All monies you pay via this method are deposited directly into our club’s account.

Please use Surfguard to manage your membership and pay your membership fees whenever possible. When you do, you help to greatly reduce the amount of work for our members who manage the club’s admin and accounts. As we are all volunteers this is a good thing!

Surfguard can appear complicated to a first-time user. Please find instructions below to help you become familiar with how the system works.