Club History

Hal Leslie, Founding Member

The Beginning

Hal Leslie (1920-1997)  founded the Nowra-Culburra SLSC In 1954. His legacy has shaped the Shoalhaven community, impacting and saving the lives of many to this day.

“It was one of those perfect Sundays on Bondi Beach in February 1938. I was 18 years-old and had decided to catch the two trams from the city to the beach which was full to the brim with people. 
In the water, there was a channel about 15 yards wide along the edge and a bank about 50 yards wide. The breaking waves provided a good carry into the channel and half a dozen strokes put you back on the bank. 

I had just had a good ride and been left on the edge of the channel when it seemed the ocean had gone mad, water was coming from everywhere. Later I found out that four very large waves in quick succession had broken up the bank and about 250 people had been dragged out a couple of hundred yards. 

As it happened, the Bondi clubs were lining up for a competition swim and immediately went into action. The best swimmers, all members and a surfboard were loaded up with rubber surf-o-planes. The crew threw the floats in amongst the crowd and half a dozen people could hold on in safety.

I had tried to keep afloat and felt myself peacefully sinking when something inside me stirred me to strive harder. I did hold on to a float for a while with the others but decided to keep swimming as long as possible, a ridiculous decision.  Whilst doing my best, which really was not good enough, a lifesaver paddled past on a float assuming others had greater need than me. Luckily he was there because I was exhausted so I attracted his attention, climbed on his back and we came in on the surf-o-plane. 

The beach was littered with rows of people in different states of distress. Six people died altogether and this day is known in the annals of surf life saving as Black Sunday.”

-Hal Leslie

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