Nippers 2021-2022 Season

Starting Information

Our first day of Nippers this season will be on Sunday 7th November 2021. Please arrive at 8:40am, ready for a 9am start.

COVID Safe Practices for Nippers

  • Please arrive in your beach gear ready to participate
  • QR Code Check-in on arrival
  • Nippers will participate in their age groups and remain physically distant from other age groups
  • All watersafety personnel are fully vaccinated
  • All beach volunteers are fully vaccinated
  • Parents/Carers to remain physically distant from age groups and other parents
  • Staggered finishing times will be investigated with age groups during nippers to avoid congregation around change rooms and canteen area . Once a routine has been established, this will be shared with you


Children of unvaccinated families are welcome to register. Registration will be $100 with active kids vouchers being accepted.

For new registrations visit:

For returning nippers: Log into your account and renew your membership –

It is now a requirement that at least one parent/carer is a registered and financial member of the club where their kids are participating in Nippers and must remain on the beach for the duration of Nippers. Parents/carers supervising children on the beach must be fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated parents are able to remain on the beach but away from the nippers group until the 15th December.

Children over the age of 12 do not need to be fully vaccinated. However, they are encouraged to be.

We recommend registering yourself as a social member (costs $20 and ensures you are covered by the clubs insurance) prior to renewing your child’s registration.

Any enquires, please contact Shellee and Dylan at

Please indicate how you as a parent/carer can help on Sundays.

COVID-19 Information

Please see the club policies here.

This is the document released by NSW SLS

Proficiency 2021

All children in all age groups must do a proficiency test before the season starts.
We now have approval to conduct these at the beach and this will happen on the first Nippers day in November

Please like and follow our Facebook page to stay current with all surf club information.

Age Managers

We will be hosting an age managers training day/information on Saturday 6th November 2021.

Without age managers Nippers can’t run! All age managers MUST be fully vaccinated if attending before December 1st 2021.

Looking after a Nippers age group is a rewarding experience. You will see your group develop and build confidence as the season progresses.

Please join us in ensuring our nippers get on the beach each Sunday, email and give it a go this season!


Nippers doesn’t function without the help of parents, each age group will be rostered on for setup/ pack up / BBQ alternating through the season, your age manager will  distribute this roster on Day 1.