2020-2021 Season Calendar

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season. We are looking forward to a great year ahead. This calendar is subject to change. We will do our best to keep you informed of modifications. Stay tuned!

September 2020
Saturday 26th September 20209amFirst Patrol of SeasonNowra-Culburra SLSC
October 2020
Sunday 18th October 2020Tentative First day NippersNowra-Culburra SLSC
Sunday 25th October 20208amTentative 1st Bronze & SRC squad commencesNowra-Culburra SLSC
November 2020
Sunday 8th November 2020Tentative 1st Nipper point scoreNowra-Culburra SLSC
December 2020
Sunday 6th December 2020Tentative 2nd Nipper point scoreNowra-Culburra SLSC
Sunday 13th December 2020Nippers breakupNowra-Culburra SLSC
Saturday 19th December 2020First 9am to 5pm patrolNowra-Culburra SLSC
January 2021
Saturday 2nd January 2021Tentative Board paddle, twilight nippersNowra-Culburra SLSC
Sunday 17th January 20211st Nippers SundayNowra-Culburra SLSC
End January/early Feb2nd Bronze and SRC squad commencesNowra-Culburra SLSC
26 January 2021Last 9am to 5pm patrolNowra-Culburra SLSC
February 2021
21st February 2021Tentative 3rd Nipper point score*Nowra-Culburra SLSC
March 2021
Sunday 28th March 2021Nipper presentationNowra-Culburra SLSC
April 2021
3rd April 2021proposed Tilbury Classic date (Covid-19 permitting) Easter SaturdayNowra-Culburra SLSC
25th April 2021Last day of patrolNowra-Culburra SLSC

* The 3rd Nipper point score date may change depending on when the South Coast Branch Championships are held.